Rathi Menon

Specialisation: HIIT

It's hard to describe Rathi in one word, but if we were to give it our best shot, we'd go with: spirit. As former Miss Universe Singapore and experienced personal trainer, Rathi's contagious energy and smile are exactly what you need to get motivated to kickstart and continue your fitness journey.



Rathi Menon
Intermediate | Intensity: 2 | : 40

A wide variety of different HIIT-based workouts that will put your performance to the test. Get ready to HIIT it up with Rathi!

Leg Crushers
Rathi Menon
Advanced | Intensity: 3 | : 30

Looking to build your leg strength, endurance and lean muscle mass? This series is for you! In this Leg Crushers series, Rathi will guide you in her progressive workouts targeting all the muscles in your legs. Don't have any dumbbells for this workout? Be creative! Grab any home equipment that you have at home as your weights instead!

Core Blasters
Rathi Menon
Intermediate | Intensity: 3 | : 20

Develop your core strength and stability with Rathi's Core Blasters! As you progress through this series, you will learn challenging yet effective exercises to strengthen, engage and develop your abdomen, obliques and back. Grab your mat & let's get this core work started!