Beckie Loh

Specialisation: HIIT

Beckie Loh is a single mother and personal trainer who has embarked on the journey of helping others get better, healthier and happier for an amazing 8 humble years and counting. She gained most of her coaching experience from working in various gyms, From general fitness to body building & private boutique rehabilitation gym, she even conducts corporate outdoor bootcamps, young spartan kids bootcamps, HIIT classes & rebounding classes. Beckie genuinely loves to motivate and encourage everyone, regardless of their age and gender, to stay strong & healthy by having a sustainable fitness routine. With patience, guiding them to learn and understand how to incorporate fitness as a part of their lifestyle. Most importantly, she teaches fitness without making it seem a hassle or additional stress to your current lifestyle, thus making it easy to adapt to. Fitness has helped her gain self confidence, better health and immunity, and she wants it to be beneficial for you too!



Core & Upper Body Strength Up 1.0
Beckie Loh
Intermediate | Intensity: 3 | : 30

Beckie's series will test you to the core and push you to your limit. Get down & pumped up with her Core & Upper Body Strength workout!